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Oil spill in Peru’s Amazon region -

Friday, October 14, 2016

Rio 2016: Indigenous archers aiming for glory -

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White elephant stadium in Brazil jungle -

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Faces of the Venezuelan crisis -

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Peru: the world’s fake dollar capital -

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Amazon tribe & Olympic torch -

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Monarch butterflies return to Mexico -

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Peru: cargo- handlers murder wave -

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The fish that could beat Zika -

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El Salvador warns against pregnancy amid Zika virus outbreak -

Sunday, January 31, 2016

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    Faces of the Venezuelan crisis

    From desperate mothers trying to save their children to farmers living in fear, we examine the human toll of the crisis. Flanked by police in riot gear, people line up outside a supermarket to buy food in Caracas, Venezuela [AP Photo/Fernando Llano] Venezuela – The pre-dawn darkness is alive with the din of small motorcycles, the calls of vendors handing out coffee and the sleepy grumbling of hundreds of people forced to wait in line. It’s 4am on a day in May and queues are already snaking out from supermarkets all over the capital, Caracas. It’s because there is not…

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    Peru: the world’s fake dollar capital

    Peru has become the worldwide capital for counterfeit US dollars. Police are working with the US secret service to try and stop the flow of money, which is smuggled out of the country and distributed all over the planet.    

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    Amazon tribe & Olympic torch

    The Olympic Torch has been taken deep into the Brazilian Amazon where one of the country’s many tribes has welcomed it in traditional fashion.

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    Portrait of a people smuggler

    Meet the man who leads Central American migrants through a lethal gauntlet as they attempt to reach the US. VIA ALJAZEERA ENGLISH Polleros, or people smugglers, earn a living running migrants through a lethal gauntlet; from the gang-ridden hinterlands of Central America, through Mexico [Encarni Pindado/Al Jazeera] San Pedro Sula, Honduras – It is a hot November evening in the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The windows of a clapped-out old people carrier are down and the sound of car horns and reggaeton music mingles with its rumbling motor. Above it all rises the voice of a bear-like man in…

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    Inside El Chapo’s Jail Cell

    While surveillance video shows ‘El Chapo’ moments before the escape, Al Jazeera’s John Holman gained access to his cell    



Oil spill in Peru’s Amazon region

Oct 14, 2016

Peru’s state oil company is facing accusations of not doing enough to prevent spills from its pipelines.In the latest incident, 3,000 barrels of oil have leaked, threatening the environment and local indigenous people.


Monarch butterflies return to Mexico

Apr 2, 2016

Monarch butterflies are making a comeback in the state of Michoacan, Mexico.  The number of butterflies, which for the last 20 years have been consistently decreasing, tripled in 2015 compared to the previous season.  


El Salvador warns against pregnancy amid Zika virus outbreak

Jan 31, 2016

Authorities in El Salvador say more than 6,000 people could have the Zika virus. The disease is suspected of causing birth defects. It’s led the government to take the controversial measure of advising women not to get pregnant.

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Cuban migrants rush to US

Sep 4, 2015

For decades, Cubans have been granted political asylum once they reach US soil.But now, as the two countries grow closer, speculation suggests that the policy might end, causing a sharp rise in migrants trying to cross into the US while they still can.

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the barrio fuelling the drug war

May 23, 2014

The Tepito neighborhood in Mexico City has long been regarded as the capitals roughest area. Its huge illegal market also serves as an operational base for gangs of criminals. But in this exclusive report, John Holman has discovered that this small neighborhood is exporting violence throughout Mexico, and is involved in the struggle between the country’s government and powerful cartels.

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Exposing an international fishing mafia

May 17, 2014

  In China the sea cucumber is seen an exotic delicacy containing medicinal and even aphrodisiacal properties. A growing middle class is fuelling demand for this luxury food and the search is on for new fishing grounds. That’s brought the trade to the Yucatan coast in South East Mexico where it has sparked a maritime gold rush. The government has tried to put limits on sea cucumber fishing but that has only led to a large scale black market springing up, supplied by fishermen willing to put their lives and liberty at risk for the money on offer. Americas Now…


‘Bulletproof’ fashion a hit

Apr 14, 2014

Via VICENEWS It’s the sports jacket that fits the need of every Mexican gentleman — light, elegantly tailored and more importantly, bulletproof. Colombian designer Miguel Caballero has forged his own niche where the worlds of fashion and violence collide with clothes combining style and the ability to stop a slug. This is a big moment for the company, the world unveiling of Caballero’s 2014 collection on Friday. As a well-heeled crowd nibbles on canapés, female models strut down the catwalk in jackets and tank tops. They’re followed by men wearing skimpy vests and then leather biker jackets. It all looks indistinguishable from…

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Ancient sport goes to Indigenous Games

The world’s first Indigenous Games kick off in Brazil this week.Mexico is sending 70 athletes to participate in the tournament in sports including kayaking, archery and an ancient, hard hitting ball game which is rapidly growing in popularity.Al Jazeera’s John Holman reports from Zacan, Mexico.

Reports from Mexico City's Metro: Sex Trafficking

Reports from Mexico City’s Metro: Sex Trafficking

She is waiting for some one, but she doesn’t yet know who he is. As a man approaches she murmurs “150 pesos (10USD) for anything you want.” She is one of the fast growing number of sex workers in Mexico City metro. More and more are working down in the tunnels in an influx that has been little reported. But they haven’t been able to shake off the pimps who make them little more than slaves, as we discover in our investigative report.

Fishermen turned guardians of the reef: Jamaica struggles to save its coral

Fishermen turned guardians of the reef: Jamaica struggles to save its coral

Over exploitation has meant that live coral coverage has dropped to under 10% from 50% in Jamaica. That’s put in danger both the reef as a tourist attraction, and the fish that fishermen depend on.Now hotels, private businesses and fishermen have joined together to become guardians of the reef they all depend on. Through their patrols and extensive coral recovery schemes they are nurturing it back to life.

Nicaragua Police: lowering crime rate through community policing

Nicaragua Police: lowering crime rate through community policing

Nicaragua has remained relatively safe while many of its neighbouring Central American countries have been engulfed by violence. Although drug trafficking is increasing on the country’s Atlantic coast and is a worry for law enforcement, Nicaragua’s murder rate continues to be low for the region. The country’s community oriented police is widely credited with this success. John Holman travelled to Managua, Nicaragua to learn more.